Mr. Lee is a stern man, but his sizzling rice soup is second to none.


I’m not sure how or when it started, but my husband and I had a long-standing tradition when we’d go out for Chinese. At the end of our meal, when the fortune cookies came, we would try to make each other laugh by pretending that the fortune we just got foretold of terrible news. The very first one I can remember him saying to me was, “A new career awaits…after you are fired this Wednesday.” I think I countered with, “Hurry and pay the check. Your car is being towed.”

It wasn’t long before we wondered, “What if there was a restaurant that actually served fortune cookies like that?” One day we mustered up the courage to ask the owner of our local Chinese joint what he thought. He smiled politely and said it was the worst idea he’d ever heard.

Undeterred, we found a cookie supplier that would print our mis-fortunes, and on a November evening in 2021, we launched our Miss Fortunes Etsy page and went to bed. The next morning we had four orders! A busy Christmas turned into an even busier Valentine’s Day, and we knew it was time to push into retail. So here we are, hundreds of jokes later, in your local market or eatery, hoping to brighten your day with some unfortunate news.

And as for my husband and I, we’re still trying to make each other laugh with new mis-fortunes, and still trying to convince that restaurant owner it’s a good idea. What can we say, he’s a tough cookie...

November 28, 2021 -
The day we made a fortune.
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